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Tanjung Priok Station

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Tanjung Priok Station

Tanjung Priok Station

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The existence of Tanjung Priok Station can not be separated with a height of Port of Tanjung Priok port, which is the pride of the Dutch East Indies, and even acts as the gateway city of Batavia and the Dutch East Indies.
Bandar port which was built in 1877 in the Governor-General Johan Wilhelm van Lansberge the ruling in the Dutch East Indies in the year 1875-1881 it reinforces its role as one of the busiest ports in Asia after the opening of the Suez Canal.
Tanjung Priok station connecting the Port of Tanjung Priok in Batavia is located in the south. The reason for this development because in the past Tanjung Priok area is mostly forest and swamp is dangerous so we need a safe means of transportation at that time (the train). At the end of the 19th century, the port of Jakarta which was originally located in the area around the Fish Market is no longer adequate, and the Netherlands to build new port facilities at Tanjung Priok.
The station was build 1914 at the Governor General AFW Idenburg (1909-1916).To complete

this station, it takes about 1,700 workers and 130 of whom are workers European nation.

Even since the completion of this station, have been arose protests about the "waste" is done in the construction of this station. With 8 platform, this station is great, and almost at Jakarta Kota station which at that time was named Batavia Centrum. Meanwhile, trains, ships trains linking cities such as Bandung with Stoomvaart ships Rotterdamsche Koninklijke Maatschappij Nederland and Lloyd go directly to the dock port and do not use this station. The station is mainly used for electric train that began to be used in the vicinity of Batavia in 1925.

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