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Margahayuland - In the modernist era of the all this, people are free to choose a life in accordance with their wishes. Career, marriage, hobbies, and other lifestyle. Many of the buildings stately classy could we live. Lately a lot of people wrong in choosing a place to stay. There is not satisfied and some are not balanced by the purchase price. Due to the problem of choosing housing is not easy, I would like to provide input through this information. As I know, most people buy the expensive prices, but even that is not worth getting at that price. Therefore, I would like to share knowledge about the occupancy.In choosing housing as well as choose a woman, if you are reading this article is a man. We shall ensure that our choice is a viable option for us and perfect. First know his background, experience other people with it, And know its history in detail. This time, sigithermawan goblog will review information related to housing is a well known company that has been paying close attention to the particular Indonesia Bandung and surrounding areas. The company was named MARGAHAYULAND.

Margahayuland is the parent of the first developers of housing development. It said because margahyuland parent has subsidiaries such as PT. Metro Permata Raya, PT. Devindo Kingdom, and other subsidiaries. Margahayuland was established on 11 February 1971 and began operation as a housing development in 1979. Margahayuland formation originated from the family business that acts as a general trading and construction services. Then form a group so that the group can provide Margahayuland grup many contributions as a housing development company

Vision and Mision Margahayuland


Being one of the reliable company and a leading national property with a focus on profitable business development through concept, design, innovative technology with emphasis on added value and satisfaction for the stakeholders and clients


  • Developing a profitable business documentation through Strategic Business Units by implementing Concept, Design, and Innovative technologies
  • Managing proffesional business that relies on the power of organization, systems, and human resources
  • Improve the welfare of stakeholders that leads to increased motivation, commitment, and superior customer service

Margahayuland have a very high commitment to do their best and to build long term business relationships with complete loyalty to both clients and stakeholders, as well as providing the best service in the comfort of a property with a pampering beauty and natural coolness. Since the reins of leadership entailed by the second generation of the Mr. H. Today Raharta Sudrajat, SE, there is a new atmosphere with the soul of a young man. Creating a buzz for the professionalism of the company's internal working energetically on the principles or corporat Value (Integrity Smart Discipline Commitment Influence Innovation Leadership Networking Passion for Excellence)

Penghargaan Margahayuland

Margahayuland a major company in the field of housing construction that has been widely known in the community. During the course of his career, Margahayuland get some awards, among others:
  1. Simple Housing Development Achievement of the First State (Bank Tabungan Negara).
  2. European Gold Star for Quality (CIEMIP, Spanyol)
  3. The Gold Cup for "Leading Enterprises", (CIEMIP, Spanyol)
  4. Exemplary Housing Development Company in Bandung (PT. Papan Sejahtera)
  5. Simple Healthy House Construction pioneer (Departemen Pemukiman dan Prasarana Wilayah RI)
  6. Karya Madya Simple Housing Development (Departemen Pemukiman dan Prasarana Wilayah RI)
Achievement of the award is an appreciation above the call of duty and can be regarded as a reflection of the performance of Margahayuland for 42 years. Performance and the performance earned awards will continue to grow in line with the program ditambahnya pogram concern for the social environment. Margahayuland quite a lot of help in the field of construction of simple houses, multi-storey buildings, as well as classy as an apartment building.

The Mansion Bandung

  One of the few products that is housing margahayuland The Mansion Bandung. Residential simple but with 5 star facilities are built using the concept MODERN TROPICAL DESIGN resulting in lighting and air circulation are well-ordered home. In addition, The Mansion Bandung design also takes into account Fengshui, thus believed to provide positive energy and balance lifestyle for the residents. More details, go directly to the official website As for the luxury amenities you can enjoy include:

Luxury home with second floor you can live only with UM 50 million. Cheap but very good quality. Not to be preceded by another person, order now via the contact info below:


 Decent housing is the ideal home that could make residents feel at home. Feel at home here in the sense of having facilities that suit the needs of our lives as human beings. Facilities for day-to-day or in some sort of holiday entertainment and so on. Such homes can be bought in Margahayuland. That too at a cheap price. Let us make it yourself, definitely spend more money than the price of housing in margahayuland. Therefore, I highly recommend as a conduit of information products Margahayuland housing. Hopefully this information is useful to you and success always make Margahayuland .

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