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Monas (The National Monument)

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Monas (The National Monument)

Monas (The National Monument)

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The National Monument,or Monas is located in a luxuriuriant 90 hectare park smack in the midlle of Jakarta. The construction of the ionic landmark began on 17 August 1961 on the orders of indonesia's first President, Ir. Soekarno. Monas was finished in 1967 but only opened to the public in 1975. The 132-meter plinth has a giant "flame" on the top symbolizes the Indonesian people's spirit of struggle; it's made of 14.5 tons of bronze, plated with 50 kilograms of gold.

The design of Monas represents the lingga and yoni,the combination of masculine and feminine elements Hindu-javanese symbolism, thought it is frequently euphemized as being a mortar and pestle (the tools for pounding rice).

Pay Rp 8000 for a ticket, and you can enter the yoni section and take the (one and only) lift up to the observation tower at the top, just under the golden flame

In the yoni section is the independence Room, an amphitheater where you can hear a recording  of Ir. Soekarno reading the independence proclamation. Below it is the National History Museum, a big, cool space, with dioramas on all four sides portraying the journey of the Indonesian nation  from prehistoric times to the after independence.

The observation area offers a full view of Jakarta in all directions, with telescopes available for use in each corner, When the wheather is clear, you can see the Java Sea to the Mount Salak far off in the south.

Taman Monas 

In this park you can play with herds of deer accidentally shipped from the Bogor Palace to expand the park. In addition, you can workout at the park with your friends and family. 

Monas Park also features an outdoor water fountains dancing. Dancing fountain show is very interesting to watch at night. Fountain will move with the movement of a beautiful song that plays right tune. There was also a colorful laser show at the fountain is. 

For those who want to maintain health, as well as workout at Monas park, and you can do for free reflexology massage. In the park provided the stones sharp enough to massage your foot while reflection. In the park is also provided a number of futsal and basketball courts that anyone can use. 

If you're tired of walking in the garden area of 80 hectares, you can use the car tour. The park is free to visit anyone for free and open to the public. 

Travel Monas 

To visit the Monas, there are many types of transportation that you can use. If you are a train, you can use the KRL JABODETABEK types express which stops at Gambir station. You even can use Trans Jakarta Bus transportation facilities. If you use a private vehicle, there is a specific parking lot IRTI, or you can park your car at Gambir station. 

To be able to enter the building Monas, you can through the entrance around the statue of Prince Diponegoro. Then you will go through the underground path to enter the Monas. You also get through the entrance in the court of the northern part of Monas. Opening hours Monas are 9.00 am to 16.00 pm. 

Monas can be one of your choices for sightseeing with his family and a place to educate children to know more about the history 
Indonesia. You too can enjoy the fresh air from its leafy trees in the Monas. And do not forget to take care of Monas Park in order to stay beautiful to be enjoyed with others. 

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