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Mount Bromo

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Mount Bromo

Mount Bromo

Rest Area this time featuring Mount Bromo, hopefully useful :)
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Cold, so you'll feel when you first get out of the car. The temperature here reached 10 degrees to 0 degrees Celsius even during the morning. So, you should prepare for cool clothes, hats skullcaps, gloves, socks, scarves to cope. But, if you forget about the equipment, there are many vendors offering wares in the form of hats, gloves, or scarves

Regular visitors visiting this area since the early days with the purpose of viewing the sunrise. To view them, you have to climb Mount Pananjakan which is the highest mountain in the region. Terrain that must be traversed to get to Mount Pananjakan a heavy field. To reach the foot of Mount Pananjakan, you have to go through desert-like area that can make you get lost. When the need to climb Mount Pananjakan, narrow streets and lots of sharp turns would require a high driving skill. For that, many visitors choose to rent a hardtop car (jeep type) driven by the surrounding community. The community is derived from the Tengger tribe is friendly with the visitors. 

Up above, there are many shops serving coffee or tea and a fire to warm the body while waiting to be tebitnya sun. There are also stores that rent out warm clothing. Watching the sunrise is an interesting event. The proof, the visitors are willing to wait since 5 o'clock in the morning facing east so as not to lose this moment. You also do not always able to see this event, because if the cloudy sky, the appearance of the sun is not seen clearly. However, when the sky is clear, you can see the roundness of the sun in the first place only as small as a pin matches, slowly enlarge and eventually form a complete circle and enlighten so that we can see the view of the mountains in this region. Among others, Mount Bromo, Mount Batok, or Mount Semeru is the highest mountain in Java. 

Bromo crater and Sea Sand
Finished watching the sunrise, you can go back down the mountain and to Mount Bromo Pananjakan. Sunlight can make you see the scenery around. Apparently you go through the sea of ​​sand which covers 10 km ². Arid regions filled sand and just a little overgrown grasses that dry out. A gust of wind, making the sand fly and can be difficult for you to breathe.
To reach the foot of Mount Bromo, you can not use the vehicle. Instead, you must rent a horse at a price of Rp 70,000, - or if you feel strong, you can choose to walk. However, it should be noted that the walk is not easy, because of the scorching sun, the distance, the flying dust can make the journey harder.

Now, you have to climb the stairs that amounted to 250 stairs to see the crater of Mount Bromo. Arriving at the peak of Mount Bromo whose height 2392 m above sea level, you can see the crater of Mount Bromo smoke. You can also cast your gaze down, and saw the sea of ​​sand to the temple in its midst. Really incredibly rare and unusual that we enjoy.

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